Shetland Reel

The Shetland Reel distillery is located on Unst, the most Northerly main island in the Shetland Group. Shetland is a good distance to the North of the rest of the UK, much of Shetland is further North than Oslo in Norway. The moderating effect of the sea and warm sea currents means the temperatures are higher than they might otherwise be.

Shetland Reel produces a range of excellent Gins, in time they will also have matured whisky in much greater volumes. The first bottlings of whisky sold out in a matter of days. There is also an interesting range of whiskies bottled on the island including a Blended Malt. A blended malt takes whisky from at least two distilleries and does not use any grain whisky. Historically they were referred to as Vatted Malts.