Talisker Whisky



Sorren, from the popular ocd whisky blog site, will join us again. The exhibit table will feature product from several distilleries.

Talisker whisky will feature from the beautiful Isle of Skye, which is a regular stop on island visits by our whisky scouts. Talisker has made its appearance in film and literature including a Robert Louis Stevenson poem and a John le Carre novel.

Also planned is whisky from Glen Moray the Speyside distillery. Our whisky scouts expect to be visiting Speyside again before the 2020 Harrow Whisky Festival.

Whisky from the specialist bottler Douglas Laing should make an appearance on the ocd table. Douglas Laing has some fascinating names in its collection such as Big Peat, Rock Oyster and Scallywag.

Grim’s Dyke has been a filming location for the popular Australian broadcasters Hamish and Andy, earlier in the decade the duo recorded a live performance in the Music Room. This should therefore be another showing of an Australian whisky at the festival.

Harrow Whisky Festival