Loch Lomand  Whisky


Loch Lomand

Glen Scotia and Loch Lomond are the two distilleries that make up the Loch Lomond group and are new to the Harrow Festival. Glen Scotia is one of just three remaining distilleries that now comprise the Campbeltown Whisky Region in Scotland. The other two Campbeltown distilleries (Springbank and Kilkerran) have been regular exhibitors at Harrow Festivals and at our evening tastings. Glen Scotia is known for recreating a whisky recipe from the Victorian era and known as Victoriana.

Loch Lomond distillery has particularly versatile stills, allowing a wide range of different spirits to be produced utilising various grains. At one point there were nine distilleries around the beautiful loch; now only the very versatile Loch Lomond remains. The Loch Lomond group has a wide range of different brands including Littlemill, Inchmurrin, Inchmoan and Glengarry. There will be considerable interest in which ones are brought to the festival. The names Inchmurrin and Inchmoan are those of two islands on Loch Lomond so an obvious connection to the distillery. Inchmurrin is the largest island in the UK situated on a lake or loch.