Bunnahabhain and Deanston

Distell www.distell.co.za are a South African drinks business, also owning some very interesting Scottish distilleries and international blends. Bunnahabhain distillery is in the North Eastern corner of Islay www.bunnahabhain.com and was visited by our Whisky Scouts in 2015. In an earlier century access to the distillery would have been by sea, like most Islay distilleries there is a wharf or landing stage and an attractive coastal location. Known for its special releases and use of the North Star logo and sailing images. On the mainland, not too far from Glasgow or Edinburgh one finds the delightful Deanston distillery, www.DeanstonMalt.com known for its malts but also as a component of the blend Scottish Leader. Deanston distillery tour is notable for the amount of shining copper, reflecting the pride the employees take in keeping the distillery smart. Deanston was also visited by our Whisky Scouts in 2015, not long after it had been used in filming for the Ken Loach movie 'The Angel's Share'. Ledaig from the Tobermory distillery can often be found on the Distell table and perhaps also grain whisky from Bains.